I began Of Our Blood in the spirit of dreaming. The name itself came to me in a dream, as a sweet gift from my ancestors. They whispered it to me, night after night. As many times as it took for me to take hold of the call to create. 

I first fell in love with jewelry while gazing at portraits of African people throughout the diaspora, draped in their gold. Ethereal, defiant, proud. Jewelry has become a touchstone to this beautiful tradition for so many of us. It feels as though I can know those that came before me through the pieces I adorn myself with.

Of Our Blood has acted as a sacred reminder for me of the promise we make with ourselves to live boldly and authentically. I create because it is a divine part of us all that I refuse to let atrophy. In a world that constantly tries to mold us into conformity, our creations and adornments are a means of reclaiming and celebrating our truest selves.